Here are 3 things you need to stop believing about paid social ads…

“They only work for low price products.” 🛍

Your high ticket items will sell, maybe just not as fast as impulse buy products. The sales journey for lower priced products that are more impulse purchases is shorter and shows results sooner. Some higher priced products that have a longer sales process will still sell, but you need to focus on retargeting, follow ups etc.

“You need professional images.” 📸

Yes professional images are super important. But right now user generated content (content from your customers) is way more engaging and capturing.

“They’re expensive.” 💳

If you compare social advertising with tradition advertising like Radio, TV, Billborards etc. social ads are way more affordable. Plus you’re able to target your audience better AND track your results.

Did you believe any of these myths? Or do you have any other myths about Paid Social Ads?


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